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11 Ideas That Will Rewire Your Brain

Below are 11 ideas that will rewire your brain:

1. You’re only a millimeter away from success

2. Increase your rejection rate

3. Embrace the negative

Negative experiences are destiny’s way of moving away the boulders that lie in front of you and helping focus your mind.

4. Don’t follow others

5. Drop the scarcity mindset

6. If you’ve always wanted to do it, then do it

What’s killing your success are the thoughts that you never let come to fruition and the goals that you keep ignoring.

7. Failure is only the beginning

8. Action is all that matters

9. You can be the catalyst for change

10. Love is easier to find than you think

Love is not hard to find it’s just that you have to give it first before you can receive it yourself.

11. Tomorrow could be your last day

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