2020 Can Be the Decade That Defines Your Life

Do you have a vision? Here’s what to do if you don’t, and how to improve it if you do.

We are about to enter a brand new decade and this could be the one that defines your life if you have stopped short of your dreams to date.

Making 2020 be the decade that defines you starts with a stupidly simple idea of having a vision. You have heard of this word before but perhaps, like me, ignored it for some time because it sounded like BS self-help idealism which has distracted you from the true meaning of having a vision.

Without a vision, the next decade can’t give you the results you want or deserve. The problem is that having a vision seems like it is not designed for us normal people and far too grandiose, therefore not achievable.

I’m going to break down what having a vision means and how to create one simply without all the nonsense. Here we go.

Many of us forget to have a vision

It’s not that we have never heard about the concept of having a vision; it’s just that we have forgotten or been too distracted to have one.

We get so caught up in making a living that we forget to create a vision that helps us live the way we want. Bills, bosses, social media, TV all distract us and make our vision secondary or a distant last place.

It’s not our intent to be visionless. We’re not stupid. It’s just that things get in the way.

A vision can sound stupid when you’ve got student loans coming out of your ass or the rent is due and you’re not sure how to pay it.

Having a vision is about first remembering why we should have one.

What is a vision for simplistic people like us?

  • A goal that is bigger than yourself
  • A plan that lights you up
  • A single-focus (also known as the power of doing only one thing)
  • A reason to start the day early

A few years back, I drafted my own vision. It was two sentences that read exactly like this: my vision is to inspire the world through entrepreneurship and personal development. My vision hasn’t changed and remains the same for 2020.

As you can see, my vision is easy to understand. Everything I engage in has to do with personal development and entrepreneurship. The “inspiring” part is there to remind me that I serve people and it’s my job to be helpful and do so by sharing ideas that might lead a small few to make a change.

My vision is then chunked down into a simple plan:

  1. Post one thing daily on social media
  2. Write written articles twice a week
  3. Publish edited written articles every week
  4. Respond to readers and attempt to inspire them in the process
  5. Master public speaking to expand the vision beyond the written word

As you can see I’m no Richard Branson and the goal is not to land on Mars. My vision is made up of a few simple habits that have been ongoing for five years, with number five, public speaking, being a stretch goal to expand the vision.

You were given a vision (an idea) already

A vision comes from an idea. You have already been given this idea and you will be given many more.

The idea that led to my vision was given to me by a six-foot man from Western Australia that chose to help me and give me a writing gig. All he did was plant an idea. It wasn’t the idea that was significant; it was acting on it that made all the difference.

I could have listened to his idea about writing and done nothing with it. That was all I had done in my life up until then. The way you find the idea that leads to your vision is by experimenting and taking action on these ideas.

Eventually, an idea can become a vision and that might just change your life like it did for me.

You may be declining ideas left, right and center or taking subtle actions like declining a meeting, hitting snooze in the morning, or waiting for an idea to be confirmed/validated.

An idea that leads to a vision for your life does not need to be validated or confirmed by another person. Only you can do that through the action you take and the ideas you experiment with.

Own your vision

Once you have a vision, the worst thing you can do is make it dependable on other people.

When you create a vision for your life, the idea is to own it. That means you are accountable no matter what and you can’t outsource the blame.

It’s on you to execute on your vision and if you fall short, it’s okay. Forgive yourself and move on. None of us are perfect or shooting three-pointers at the local basketball court continuously.

There will be people with blindfolds

These people will show up in your life with a metaphorical blindfold. They won’t be able to see what you see and that’s normal.

They will tell you that you’re crazy or mad or stupid or ignorant or not good enough. Ignore them. They have their vision and it’s not yours. Take their feedback, dispel the lessons you can use, and stick to your vision.

Only you get the privilege of making adjustments to your vision.

There will be blockers

These people are next-level. Not only are they blind to your vision, but they’ll actively try and block you from it. The blockers will attempt to dim your light. Don’t let them.

Don’t take no for an answer. Make your intentions clear. Pivot, walk around, take another route — but don’t you dare let the blockers stop you. They can’t see your heart or what you’re truly capable of — only you can.

Live right now

If you don’t have a vision for the next decade, that is okay. Now you know and you can do something about it. You can do more with your life and creating a vision can be a tool that enables you to make that tiny shift in your life.

Be present. Forgive the past. Be excited by your future. Appreciate today.

If you do have a vision and you’re not acting on it, try pondering these questions

Is your vision still relevant?
Is your vision helping you to wake up?
Are you excited by your vision?
What has stopped you from focusing on your vision?
Is it time for a new vision?

Some visions don’t last a lifetime.

You can reach a point where your vision no longer serves you or it becomes a key insight to a new vision. My vision for my life used to revolve around inspiring people through music. In 2014, I began pivoting away from that vision but I kept the fundamentals.

I still used creativity and inspiration but I used those ideas to start writing instead of continuing to make music. If it wasn’t for my original dream back then, I would perhaps have not landed on my current vision that is tied to writing.

If your vision is out of date, update it. Check if your vision still makes sense.

This is the best decade to come

There is one thing I know about 2020 and the decade to come: it’s going to be the best decade of all.

Technology is helping us solve complex human problems and this will lead to extraordinary change and a quality of life that humans could never have imagined. We’re going to need more people with visions to move humanity forward and therein lies an opportunity for you.

Be open to ideas. Take one idea and turn it into your vision. Let that vision inspire you to wake up each day and do things you love.

You can be so much more when you have a clear vision.

Written by

Aussie Blogger with 100M+ views — Writer for CNBC & Business Insider. Inspiring the world through Personal Development and Entrepreneurship www.timdenning.com

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