25 Cruel Lessons That Will Help You Get To The Next Level Of Life.

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You don’t fake it till you make it.

We’re all just “winging it.”

You should value your time more than you do.

Saying no is the discipline you need.

You really shouldn’t have “just one more.”

You’re not that much of a big deal.

Finding your unique value is a moment of awakening.

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Honesty is super sexy.

We all have our own problems.

Your idea of success changes over time.

Saying WTF is making you sound dumb.

Doing what you say you’re going to do is a superpower.

We all have to build something.

You don’t work as hard as you think.

You also don’t take a break as often as you should.

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Quitting is sometimes necessary and really hard to do.

Being you is attractive to the opposite sex.

Subtract rather than add.

Show me your Ferrari and I’ll show you what really matters.

Who am I?

Being nice for the sake of it is rare.

Your neighbor is not that fly.

Don’t tell us, show us.

Pat yourself on the back when you fail.

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It’s not who you are; it’s who you become.

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