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This Week’s Most Viewed Story (3rd May 2021)

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  4. 13 Ways I Completely Changed My Life in a Year and So Can You

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Aussie Blogger with 100M+ views — Writer…

Let’s skip the obvious cliches and get to the harder to understand concepts that make an enormous difference.

If you make an information product and decide to sell it, prepare for unsolicited feedback that could rip your face off.

I launched an information product recently. An information product is either an online course or a book. Wow, complex!

The amount of money I made from the information product is not designed to impress you. I know you don’t care. All it shows is traction. It also shows I’m a doer who isn’t just peddling nonsense I pulled from a book I half-read to look smart in front of an audience of people who clap.

It’s time for me…

Crypto isn’t gambling. For many like me, it’s hope.

Bitcoin has taken over the internet.

Log into Twitter and you’ll see Bitcoin trending every second day. I want to offer an alternative to the typical narrative. Why are young people like me so fascinated by Bitcoin?

  1. It’s one way to escape the current financial system.
  2. (Less known). Bitcoin is how many young people believe they can one day afford a home.

During my parent’s boomer era, the average person believed they would own a home. In the millennial generation, owning a home has become an outrageous dream. The average salary buys you a lot less of a house than…

With more time, you do less.

Speeding up and slowing down time isn’t solely the story of the Matrix Movie.

I am fascinated with time. It’s the one thing we give away and often forget is more valuable than money, Bitcoin, a useless car, or a huge house.

Having more time is a blessing. But it can also be a huge burden, as I learned the hard way while sitting at home unemployed after being fired by an Oompa Loompa and thrown to the sidewalk like a piece of trash. …


Here’s exactly how without the fluff and selfie poles

Publish and pray is the old way to write online.

For many, it doesn’t work. When you publish and hope, you will almost certainly give up. I’m surprised to be here writing, honestly.

I want to quickly accelerate through how to rethink eBooks. Most writers do not get the power of an eBook. I didn’t either until an eBook turned my writing into more than 6-figures. Not here to brag. I’m here to give you what I know about writing so you can earn a living from it. Let’s go.

The greatest writing invention in history


I am so late to the party. Twitter was…

You don’t need to be rich, famous, or privileged either.

To retire is to die.

That’s what Tony Robbins said in the 1990s after citing several actuary studies that show when a person retires they die not long after.

“If you retire at 55, you have an 89 percent chance of dying in 10 years, more than if you retire at 65,” Tony says. “We need work as a sense of purpose.” Some of you hate the tall guy Tony, but regardless, he makes a good point.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been designing my ideal day and it doesn’t include working a 9-5 job anymore.

My ideal day…

Staying ahead of rising prices, money created out of thin air, and a shift in work trends is tough. Here are some solutions.

I got laughed at when announcing my side gig to my work colleagues.

“What are you going to write that’s so interesting, huh? You’re a nobody. You don’t know anything I can’t google. Why don’t you spend the extra time trying to further your career and become a manager.”

I went home that night incredibly emotional. I expected them to cheer me on. Instead, they mocked me and called me names. Through some kind of higher power, I ended up ignoring their advice. I worked on my side gig and didn’t tell anybody again for a long time. …

Here’s the missing piece to making money online

I got an email from an experienced business owner.

They said, “Don’t worry about me, I’m simply going to put up a website and sell through my website.”

This is blind faith.

I used to think that. Slap-up a website and then sell, sell, sell. This dream isn’t a reality. A website will get lost in a sea of Google results.

I learned while working at a digital marketing agency that even with a $10,000 a month SEO budget, people coming to your site isn’t enough.

This Is the Missing Piece

A business without content is lifeless.

Content is full of stories. Stories bring you…

Your friends fear your addiction will become their addiction.

As your friendship group expands and contracts over time, it says a lot about what stage of life you’re in.

After my startup dream collapsed, I had exactly one friend left. We’d go out in the evening and try to drink our lives away.

We played a game as we walked to the pub — we’d drink a shot of bourbon at every street corner. About ten street corners separated us from our destination. By the time I got to the pub I’d be proper drunk, slurring my words.

What sounds like a game became a spiral into alcoholism.


This bizarre social experiment will teach you many life lessons you can put into action.

It takes a lot to get Bill Gates out of bed.

When I heard about a documentary based around a magic show, and saw Bill Gates’ beautifully wrinkled face people either love or hate, I knew a special moment awaited me.

The documentary is called “In & Of Itself.” It’s without a doubt the most important social experiment I’ve ever seen. It will challenge many of your beliefs and surprise you.

The film is based around a stage show a magician named Derek DelGaudio put on at a theatre for two years. …

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