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This Week’s Most Viewed Story (25th February 2021)

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Aussie Blogger with 100M+ views — Writer for CNBC & Business Insider. …

On sources, your own lane, personal risk, research, writers two levels above you & rule breaking

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As a writer, you go through periods of enormous growth.

It can feel good. I’ve had a few phases of growth with my own writing. Like anything in life there is always another level. And growth isn’t an accident either. You don’t suddenly wake up and get lucky or ‘go viral.’

These are the catalysts to get you to the next level of writing.

1. Create your own lane

The next level of writing is when you create your own lane. This means you let the subtleties of your life shine. You embrace your quirkiness. …

Grandma wasn’t Oprah, though. Oh… and a powerful lesson to influence future generations.

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In the final moments of someone’s life you learn a lot about them.

Knowing the end is coming is much different than a surprise ending. I’m a mere mortal, and I have no idea which is greater.

My 99-year-old grandma’s health went downhill quickly a few weeks ago. I adopted an optimist’s mindset and assumed it was an overreaction. I was wrong. Things changed quickly.

Once you hear the gut-wrenching word “morphine” you know the drug companies have your loved one in their sights. There is no escape. …

Look at where someone is headed, rather than where they are right now.

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I write to raise the collective human consciousness.

It has taken me a decade to come to that realization. The last twelve months have completely changed my life. A few years ago, I met several writers from Nigeria through LinkedIn. I had video chats with them and they showed me their villages. It was hard not to see my extreme privilege when I saw how rare it is to have access to an overlooked convenience such as a garage.

One writer from the group, Awa Ndukwe, published a post on LinkedIn the other day. I suddenly said loudly in my…

I learned this: tricking yourself into thinking you’re getting richer is one of the biggest lies of current society.

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Bitcoin is making every investment/asset in history look stupid.

I own Bitcoin. I got involved early on. People either love me or hate me for this somewhat crazy technological choice. They sometimes write misinformed articles about my belief in the future of money, while simultaneously closing their mind to new ideas. They think I care about Bitcoin opinions. I don’t. My only goal in life is to make people think. Getting people to agree with my point of view is the stuff of mind control. I can’t brainwash you. Sorry.

People think the price of each coin hitting $100,000 USD…

When you do, you finally feel alive.

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Raising human consciousness is a bizarre goal.

You won’t read about it in success magazine or on an influencer’s instagram page. When I hear “raise human consciousness” I imagine a group of weirdos around a campfire playing chariots of fire. That’s not what we’re going to talk about. Raising human consciousness transcends everything else, including religion.

The best source of information about raising consciousness comes from Vishen Lakhiani. I discovered Vishen when I met two young blokes in Australia. Both of them worked for Vishen at his startup Mind Valley. Their friendship led me to Vishen’s simplified explanation:

Higher consciousness…

And use it as your advantage in life.

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Self-confidence is a secret weapon. You can use it to do things people believe to be hard or even impossible.

You don’t have to be Bezos or Elon to be self-confident. How do I know? Self-confidence has been my weakness for a long time. A few years ago I discovered self-confidence. Instead of telling myself what I can’t do, I interrupted the story. The advice that helped came from a TEDx Talk by Dr Ivan Joseph, who has a PhD in philosophy and sport’s psychology.

You can do the same. And when you do, your entire life changes. Outcomes you…

They completely misunderstand what I’m saying.

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Retirement is an archaic construct. I don’t get it.

You supposedly work for back-to-back decades with a four-week vacation in-between each year. You’ve got to get a piece of paper for an education before you can qualify to work. Then you enter in some low-ranking job, probably working for free or minimum wage.

You bust your chops. You impress everybody you encounter. You do the right thing. You stay off social media and make sure you don’t talk too loudly. But you talk loud enough so people don’t think you’re weird, or lonely. You keep plodding through work like Big…

Wages have gone down. 90% of your purchasing power is lost in property. You’re forced to take on debt to keep up.

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It’s easy to throw insults at the government. Or blame corporations.

As a finance guy, I want to go deeper. I am in my 30s and nowhere near owning a home. A shack is over $1 million where I live here in Australia. It’s an unfortunate reality. Australians are obsessed with property.

We have “property on the brain” as the Aussie saying goes.

Why is that? We’re drunk on property. We think about property before starting a family. We think about property before we take a new job. We calculate our salary in direct proportion to how much it qualifies…

Being undervalued is a blessing.

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When I first publicly spoke about my mental health breakdown people around me told me to be quiet.

“Shhh… people will think you’re crazy and you’ll be unemployable.”

They were right. But I’m a millennial who doesn’t know any better so I didn’t listen. I shared the story on LinkedIn originally. Then I took it to my local Toastmasters public speaking club to test out its effects on others. Finally, I spoke in front of an audience of work colleagues and former bosses — shortly after I exited my banking career, high on life.

Sharing my mental illness story became…

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