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Make money with your mind, not with your time.

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Photo by Felea Emanuel on Unsplash

Your idea of what money is and how to use it drives a big part of your life.

Some believe making money is evil. Some believe making money is about choices. Both sides can be right. The side you choose will shape your future. Why not cheat the system and choose a positive set of beliefs about money?

I was terrible with money for years. I spent every dollar of my paycheck. I bought useless stuff to impress people and make them think I was successful. …

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Photo by Stewart MacLean on Unsplash

Unlocking your driving force is life-changing.

It’s a force that becomes a second wind, or a runner’s high, or an additional store of energy you can draw down on. Every single one of us has this inside of us. For most of us, it sits idle for years, waiting to explode out of you.

My driving force was unlocked in 2013. A tall giant named Tony Robbins unlocked it after I devoured his books, tapes and teachings in a desperate attempt to change my life and heal from an undiagnosed mental illness. …

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