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This Week’s Most Viewed Story (11th May 2021)

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Aussie Blogger with 100M+ views — Writer for CNBC & Business Insider. …

Here’s how you can do it.

The progress you get through luck is a burden. Ask any trust fund baby who inherited a Porsche 4WD from daddy.

My friend said to me recently, “If this startup does well I’m going to exit early before the big gains.”

Me: “Why the heck would you do that?”

Friend: “Have you seen the burden kids who are given money without working for it have to endure?”

He’s quitting his startup early so his kids inherit zero dollars. He’s building the business for fun rather than money.

That may *not* sound bizarre.

Here’s the kicker: he’s homeless with three children…

This LinkedIn story may leave you questioning your job.

“So I had a heart attack…” smacked me in the face as I scrolled LinkedIn.

Lessons from “the almost dead” are more powerful than lessons from those who have already passed away. Why? You can send them an email and continue the conversation. You can’t email a person in a coffin.

Side note: A Lambo won’t fit in your future coffin.

I digress. A man named Jonathan Frostick who works for HSBC bank posted a photo of himself in the hospital on Linkedin. The banker in me could relate. I devoured his post. He wrote like a man on a…

Hidden opportunities disappear when you’re selfish.

Career selfishness is a nightmare.

I am literally about to leave the corporate world (partially) because of it. Sounds drastic, I know. But I’ve had enough. Watching selfishness every day is exhausting, even when you’re not the one being selfish.

The best example I have is of a guy named Snake. Snake is the name secretly given to him by our team. I call him the smiling assassin. This guy could fool the FBI with his lies. He plays both sides. He plays all sides. …

Build from your bedroom.

In the tiny hours of darkness you can build something spectacular.

It just won’t feel that incredible when you start. It will feel like nothingness. That’s a good thing. I follow many creators on Twitter. I read their threads every day.

One idea stood out: each of them built their tiny empires after hours. None of them magically quit their job. They didn’t have a flashbang spark of an idea that turned into the next Facebook. They weren’t friends with Elon Musk. …

The more preparation you have to do to start work, the less deep work you will do.

Deep work is the holy grail of productivity.

NakedPoppy CEO Jaleh Bisharat describes deep work perfectly.

You know that feeling of being in flow where your mind is alert, you’re deeply focused on a difficult problem, when time stands still and work stops feeling like work? That productive state where every move you make is purposeful? That’s “deep work.”

Writing is my difficult problem. It takes everything I’ve got. When I write, time stands still. Writing isn’t work to me; writing is a must. Writing is how I escape the problems of the world and attempt to enter the reader’s…

A stupid habit everybody laughs at holds a lot of value.

This isn’t enough cliche listicle. Sorry.

The best ideas are the ones that grow on you.

They are silly upon first glance. They are magnificent when allowed to grow into a Japanese forest. Each of these ideas has shaped my life in weird and wonderful ways. Let’s get into it.

A Stupid Habit Everybody Laughs at Can Change Your Life.

Let’s get right to it because I hate messing around. A habit you practice behind closed doors will dramatically improve your life. The problem? People will probably think it’s stupid. They may even laugh out loud at you.

It happened to me. I discovered bitcoin many years ago while working…

This is extremely emotional to share. But I had to write this because I know many of you can relate.

I don’t buy all the quit your job porn.

People act like it’s easy. Pictures of boys in hoodies sticking up their middle finger and storming out in a rage are all too common. This isn’t reality.

I’ve been contemplating quitting my 9-5 job for a while. I even bragged four weeks ago to colleagues that my mind is made up and I’m doing it.

“I’m out guys. It’s been fun.”

But I still haven’t quit. The hard truth is I’m afraid to quit. I shouldn’t admit that. …

Self-expression with a time limit helps you release more thoughts into the world without judgment

A man with his arms outstretched breathes in deeply in a field of flowers.
A man with his arms outstretched breathes in deeply in a field of flowers.

Social media went rogue when people started using it for selfishness projects.

Selfishness spawned the nightmare of influencers and personal branding culture on LinkedIn. This selfish intent has blinded us from the true power of social media: self-expression. I rediscovered that power recently and it’s life-changing. Here’s why.

You Get Your Thoughts Out of Your Head

Your thoughts can get trapped in your head. When you live a large amount of your life in your head, your perception of time changes. You operate in either past or future thinking.

The social media app I’ve been using like a mad man is Twitter. There is something about 280-character conciseness…

Let’s skip the obvious cliches and get to the harder to understand concepts that make an enormous difference.

If you make an information product and decide to sell it, prepare for unsolicited feedback that could rip your face off.

I launched an information product recently. An information product is either an online course or a book. Wow, complex!

The amount of money I made from the information product is not designed to impress you. I know you don’t care. All it shows is traction. It also shows I’m a doer who isn’t just peddling nonsense I pulled from a book I half-read to look smart in front of an audience of people who clap.

It’s time for me…

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