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As creators churn the patient ones reap the enormous upside. Here’s how you can be one of them.

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Content creators have created a complaints epidemic.

It’s showing up all over the internet. Squirrels are coming out of their dirt holes to watch the fireworks. Some people are adding to the festivities.

I’m not.

Time separates the content creators we remember, from the wannabes we’ll forget in a day…

The #1 thing you don’t know about social media algorithms that took me 7 years to learn

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The deafening hate speeches against social media algorithms have to stop.

My friend Todd Brison calls it the algorithm apocalypse. The algorithms that run our favorite content apps constantly change. None of us know why or how Mr Algorithm is going to evolve.

You shouldn’t care anymore.

The title of…

Many let these common events hold back their careers. Here’s how to use them to redefine your career.

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He was the envy of 40,000 employees.

You’d see his face on the company intranet. He won all the career awards. He got a fully paid trip to an exotic location each year as part of the star performer program. The Chiefs were grooming him to take over the finance…

It’s not for everyone.

Image supplied by author (Pictured: Me and my wife)

Coroni-macaroni didn’t want us to get married.

Well F-You Coroni!

Our wedding got canceled three times because of lockdowns. Nothing could stop us today. It happened.

The photos are a little strange. We got married next to Parliament House. The steps were full of riot police and protestors. The uneducated…

Spend most of your time doing things you love. It’s easier to get motivated.

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A productivity system is how you get big results.

No System = Lost

That makes you vulnerable to complain and blame. Here’s the system I used to make 6-figures online this year. Borrow parts for yourself and experiment.

Default answer is no

Author Simon Sinek says to start with why. I start with no.

Know the common excuses so you can effortlessly move past them.

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Side hustles create transformation in your life. Period.

It’s what you do when you’ve had enough, don’t know what to do next, or you’re keen to experiment with something new. Side hustles help you get to know yourself. It’s how you collect data and make smart decisions.

I didn’t wake…

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