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The 4th role of “player”creates successful side hustles.

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The power of doing only one thing is often neglected.

Shaan Puri is a great example. He sold his side hustle to Twitch for $25 million. Then he went on to invest in startups like Lambda School that is replacing universities.

He wrote about one particular week recently. The outcome…

If you have an internet connection there’s a path to any money goal.

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When money is always a problem you’re forced to live in fear.

That’s the harsh truth. Mastering money isn’t about Lambos. It’s about a safety net that reduces the burden of fear. With less fear you have more capacity to show courage.

I noticed something in my own life. Each…

Forget about 5-year career blocks. Job hopping equals career growth

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Why are job hoppers not considered the high priests of the economy?

I have a naughty confession: I am a job hopper. As soon as I get a new job, I’m already on the hunt for the next one. A job is an experiment for me. I like to learn…

There’s at least one unconventional idea you’ll find helpful.

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Reframes act like money cheat codes.

Cognitive reframing, as it’s known, is how we view an area of our life through a frame. That frame determines your point of view. Research says “When that frame is shifted, the meaning changes, and thinking and behavior often shift along with it.”


A rage quit changed the entire internet.

Image Credit–Lushux/JonPJune via Twitter

If I were a woman, I’d have Vitalik’s babies.

No, seriously. The guy is a boy genius. When I first read about his idea to rebuild the entire internet in 2016, it instantly impressed me. I later started buying ethereum at about $100 per coin. Now it’s around $3800 per…

It’s okay to be petrified of life without a job.

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The subject of passive income can make people vomit.

I get it. There’s a lot of nonsense when it comes to the topic. There’s plenty of hyperbole too. My approach is different. I am not some passive income badass. Actually, when I started, I was more of a passive income…

Based on 7 years of being in the game and all my research.

Photo by Tom Bixler on Unsplash (This is a fake side hustle dream)

Youtube and Instagram sell us a lot of fake passive income fantasies.

Don’t even get me started on those cringe-worthy Youtube preroll ads with Lambos and shirtless bros high-fiving in the background. OMG. The Youtube police should make it illegal.

I’ve been working on my side hustle for the last…

2021 has made many seemingly smart people look ignorant.

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The bitcoin critics are hiding in their caves.

They’re afraid to come out. They told us bitcoin is a scam. They told us bitcoin is only used by drug dealers. They said bitcoin would go away, like catching a bad cold in March of last year.

Nope. They were wrong…

Depth over width — illustrated by a Youtuber, and a chess champion.

Photo by Graham Mansfield on Unsplash

Success isn’t complicated.

All you need is a formula to follow. I collect formulas as part of my growing collection of mental models. I’m not that smart though. This trick came from studying high performers to see what cheat codes they use to produce extraordinary results. Here are two.

Youtube is child’s play


Tim Denning

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