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This Week’s Most Viewed Story (27th September 2021)

Illustration (of me) by Alex Victor Tehras

Most Viewed Story Right NowThe Odd Power of Loneliness Can Change the Way You Think

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  4. 13 Ways I Completely Changed My Life in a Year and So Can You

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Aussie Blogger with 500M+ views — Writer for…

Dinner in space has no race.

Photo by Tommao Wang on Unsplash

My silly space dream ain’t going to happen.

I don’t have the dollars to ride on one of Branson’s rockets. I’ll never be rich enough to go to space because I’m not going to allow myself to become Lambo-successful. Nope.

I want to use money to buy back my freedom, instead of purchase “stuff” that enslaves me. Yet space fascinates me … and most people.

Seven interviews of astronauts taught me these bizarre lessons. Apply them to your life.

“The Overview Effect” is an odd phenomenon that changes your reality

Frank White has the cool title of “space writer.” He came up with the phrase “The Overview Effect.”

It’s a mental…

His Youtube videos have nothing to do with his success. Take these lessons and change your financial future.

Image Credit–MrBeast via Youtube

I’m a pussy compared to Mr Beast.

Why? He’s the youngest philanthropist going around. It’s not fake either. The guy is the real deal.

Every year he spends $48 million to make Youtube videos. In the last 28 days his videos have gained more than 700M views. That is larger than the population of the US, Brazil, Russia, and Japan. The audience retention rate on his videos is 70%. Literally, people are statistically addicted to his content.

Here’s what counts: Mr Beast is the highest-paid content creator on Youtube. You’d think that would make him a 23-year-old douchebag with a…

Walking is how Craig Mod reaches a flow state. You can too.

Image Credit– (Wisteria Rainbow Tunnel in Japan)

Imagine dedicating most of your life to long walks in Japan.

That’s what Craig Mod did as a writer. I’ve studied his approach recently and discovered his version of productivity is truly bizarre.

The most interesting thing I learned from Craig is that walking is how he changes his state. He typically does his work (writing) at night. Walking for most of the day before he starts work is how he discovers higher states of consciousness. A long walk becomes like a platform from which he builds each day off.

Obviously not all of us can walk from 9-5 and…

This is a category you can actually join.

Photo by Francis Carcassi on Unsplash

Before my hearing got destroyed, I used to listen to a lot of podcasts.

Now I read podcast transcripts instead to save my dumbo ears from more pain. One thing drives me nuts: billionaire hero journeys. The storyline makes them out to be god-like figures for figuring out how to make money.

The typical story of a miraculous idea, rejection, near-bankruptcy, venture capital doubters, sudden surge in customers and then billion-dollar exit, puts me to sleep. I don’t care anymore.

All these unicorn dreamers sound the same. They pretend to save the world but I don’t buy most of the…

You’ll rethink energy levels, millionaire status, calmness, your endgame, retirement, and happiness when you do.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Money is damn simple to understand.

The problem is the Dave Ramsey gurus of the world focus on what doesn’t matter. Money is counter-intuitive. I never wanted to hear as a young, gullible, workaholic millennial that financially savvy people simply invest their money.

I wanted to believe money had to be complicated and to have any level of wealth was a crime against humanity. That mindset kept me poor. Instead of doing work I enjoyed, I traded my time for money. I stayed back at work until 10 pm so I could look cool for the dictator bosses.

What changed…

Here’s how I do it and it’s simple to replicate.

Photo by Bani Abdelhakim on Unsplash

A private life is massively underrated.

I spoke to a friend of mine yesterday for the first time in a while. We lost contact due to the lockdowns and reconnected over the phone. She’s a 40-something legend. She’s the ultimate definition of low-key.

The conversation drifted towards the pandemic. She knew the basics about how to stay safe and protect others, but she had zero clue beyond that. The daily news agitates her. It’s already hard enough to live alone and not be able to socialize for long periods of time.

She has two businesses. One has been smashed by…

A Porsche used to scream “be friends with me!”

Image Credit–

A Porsche used to scream “be friends with me!”

In my 20s, luxury and entrepreneur bullsh*t defined me. I chased success like a dog follows a shank bone. In my 30s, money became kind of ridiculous. A dramatic shift has occurred. The title of this story, which comes from a quote by entrepreneur Anthony Pompliano, helps to explain it.

Let’s dissect the real meaning of money so you don’t fall in love with it and accidentally discover a world of broken dreams.

The Idea of True Wealth Is Broken

True wealth isn’t luxury, millions of followers, or a fake ass Dan Blazerian life holding guns like Rambo…

It keeps most of us poor by design. Let me explain.

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

The stock market is rigged against most people.

It’s not obvious.

Most of the money made from stocks happens before the IPO (Initial Public Offering). You and I can’t invest in a cool startup from Silicon Valley until this point. You can still make money as an investor after an IPO, but that’s not where most of the money is made.

The IPO is where the people who got rich off the company dump their stocks onto the public and realize their profit in US dollars. The rich people need someone to sell their overpriced stocks to. …

The untold story of what LinkedIn did to my career that I’m not to supposed to share

Image Credit: StockUnlimited

Social media is promoted as being amazing for your career.

It’s supposed to lubricate your soul. Everybody tells you at work to build a personal brand and share interesting insights with your network. HR and marketing teams even run workshops at most companies to help employees use LinkedIn. Social media is one big happy picnic with cupcakes, sugar, that can cause your career to explode.


There’s a dark side to social media.

Freedom of speech doesn’t matter in the corporate world

When I started one job I got told to stop posting on LinkedIn — or any social media platform. The ask took me by surprise. I wouldn’t…

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