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A rage quit changed the entire internet.

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If I were a woman, I’d have Vitalik’s babies.

No, seriously. The guy is a boy genius. When I first read about his idea to rebuild the entire internet in 2016, it instantly impressed me. I later started buying ethereum at about $100 per coin. Now it’s around $3800 per…

It’s okay to be petrified of life without a job.

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The subject of passive income can make people vomit.

I get it. There’s a lot of nonsense when it comes to the topic. There’s plenty of hyperbole too. My approach is different. I am not some passive income badass. Actually, when I started, I was more of a passive income…

Based on 7 years of being in the game and all my research.

Photo by Tom Bixler on Unsplash (This is a fake side hustle dream)

Youtube and Instagram sell us a lot of fake passive income fantasies.

Don’t even get me started on those cringe-worthy Youtube preroll ads with Lambos and shirtless bros high-fiving in the background. OMG. The Youtube police should make it illegal.

I’ve been working on my side hustle for the last…

2021 has made many seemingly smart people look ignorant.

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The bitcoin critics are hiding in their caves.

They’re afraid to come out. They told us bitcoin is a scam. They told us bitcoin is only used by drug dealers. They said bitcoin would go away, like catching a bad cold in March of last year.

Nope. They were wrong…

Depth over width — illustrated by a Youtuber, and a chess champion.

Photo by Graham Mansfield on Unsplash

Success isn’t complicated.

All you need is a formula to follow. I collect formulas as part of my growing collection of mental models. I’m not that smart though. This trick came from studying high performers to see what cheat codes they use to produce extraordinary results. Here are two.

Youtube is child’s play


When we learn how to tackle all three, optimal productivity can be reached.

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Self-improvement isn’t about comparing the best morning routines.

Or your favorite place to take a cold shower and read the 4-hour workweek. The only person you’re up against in life is you. Mental illness taught me that. For years I thought everybody else was messed up because of the angry…

Program your mind to buy back time. A 20 year old with $0 is richer than a 60 year old with $100 million.

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash

A broke person isn’t a person who has $0 to their name.

No. A broke person is trapped by the temptations money can buy, even if they earn 6-figures a year. A time billionaire on the other hand isn’t some high-fiving bro that quit their job.

A time billionaire is…

Even if you’re petrified to ask or hate to talk about money.

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I am the worst employee in history.

If you hire me I’m guaranteed to be lazy and daydream the day away. Why? All I want to do is write. Business puts me to sleep. Spreadsheet rots my mind. Meetings ignite my rage and make me a nasty little boy.


Tim Denning

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