A Revolutionary Change to the Way Money Will Work in the Future Was Missed by Most People

A new “Bretton Woods Moment” is upon us, says the IMF.

Tim Denning
6 min readOct 26, 2020


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The way money works is undergoing big changes behind closed doors.

What is happening is something I want to shine the light on. The mainstream media misses a lot of it (Search Google News for ‘Bretton Woods Moment’ and see for yourself). How was this important change missed?

Politics has helped disguise the cracks in the financial system.

I spend a lot of my free time going down all the different finance rabbit holes and analyzing what experts on both sides of the fence are saying. (It’s also part of my 9-5 job working in finance to know what is happening.) Some financial experts spread fear. Some live in ignorance. Some say things will be better than ever. It pays to look at all sides to get a complete picture.

The world of finance must change, as you’re about to read. Preparation is a good long-term money strategy. What is happening is nothing to be fearful of either; just understand it.

Your money literacy helps you stress less and do more of the work you choose. It’s a small price to pay for learning about money. Here we go.

The IMF’s Bold…



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