After Weeks Of Reading Tribe Of Mentors Here’s The Quick Lessons You Can Learn.

The man, the myth that is Tim Ferriss has written another book packed with wisdom and tools that will change your life. His books tend to be long and most of you are probably going to lack the time to read it.

I found the book truly life changing and I’d love for you to get the same gift. It’s my mission to make things easier and more digestible so you can transform your life and eventually change the world.

So, here are the quick lessons you can learn from the Tribe of Mentors book:

Have a question for everything.

Your superheroes are all flawed.

You’ll also learn what success really is for yourself.

Wellbeing causes performance to increase.

There’s significant value in procrastination.

“The downtime you spend procrastinating gives your mind time to put together ideas, thoughts and solutions so that when you return to your goal, you have a different solution”

Success still comes with a side of weakness.

Success is measured by the volume of uncomfortable moments.

During difficult times, let kindness guide you.

You’ve got ten lifetimes ahead of you.

Slacking off makes you feel a little off.

A good day’s work feels so good and there’s no substitute for it.

Remove the number seven when you rank things.

Using a 1–10 rating system to assess an action or a decision is a fantastic idea.

We’ve all been asked to do this in surveys our whole life.

The challenge is it’s easy to fall for indecision and to not say what you think because of a fear you might be judged.

Get better at making judgments by removing the number seven from your rankings. Number seven says “I’m not committing to a decision or haven’t thought about it enough.”

Inspired people have all the energy and fun.

People love inspiration and it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Spend a large proportion of your time doing things that inspire you. It’s fun too!

Creativity removes competition.

Creativity is how you stand out and you should wear it on your sleeve. The world needs more creativity.

The tools to learn exist. The desire to is what’s lacking.

You see everything that you do.

Our role in life is to navigate the obstacles.

How you react is the only thing you can control.

The heroes we look up to have just got better at reacting to these situations in a positive way. You can be one of those heroes.

Criticism means you are doing something meaningful.

“Your critics will teach you more than your loyal followers who will tell you what you want to hear. The truth is often found in what you don’t want to hear and your critics will gladly do that favor for you”

Writing and speaking are must have communication skills.

Creating will be far more valuable to you than possessing.

“Through the creation process, you discover yourself and what life can be”

Ask yourself, “What is a hard choice and what is an easy choice.”

Anytime you don’t know what choice to make, ask yourself this insanely powerful question.

Blaming, complaining and gossiping all lead to negativity.

Gratitude ends the struggle.

“Most of the people in the Tribe of Mentors book have a gratitude practice and there’s a reason for it: it works!”

Say your fears out loud.

Future yes’s will cost you more.

Every decision has a cost even if that cost is not redeemable right now.

Mistakes involving laziness hurt badly.

Success in your career has three components.

It’s uncommon to be vulnerable.

The act of being vulnerable makes you human and this trait will bring many more people closer to your vision or goal. I’ve seen firsthand what vulnerability can do on social media if it’s done with authenticity and comes from the right place.

Research vs. improvising.

Improvising is much quicker and allows you to adjust your approach with real-world feedback rather than researching and being reliant on someone else’s experience.Experiencing things for ourselves makes the lessons, strategies and “will to win” stay with us.

Your heart is more powerful than your brain.

Your brain uses logic whereas your heart does not. Decisions that come from your heart have a lot more power and rely on the connectedness that humans have with each other.

Sometimes, you don’t know why, but your heart guides you and you should listen to it.

Your life must have a meaning.

Image Description: Tim Ferriss has created a meaning for his life. You can too.

Where some see despair, is where you can see potential.

Certain industries may be down and that can be upsetting. That is a decision though and when you look in a particular area that’s negative or depressed, that’s where the most potential is and probably the least number of people who could take the opportunity for themselves.

The greatest privilege is being who you are.

Knowing nothing about an industry is your advantage in business.

Getting consistent no’s means you’re onto something.

It means you know something that everyone else doesn’t and you can see something that may be camouflaged to the average Joe. People only say no because they don’t understand. Once they understand, whatever you’re trying to do has probably been successfully done. That’s cool, it just means you’ll have some competition.

Getting yes’s all the time is like playing a video game on easy: it’s boring.

The no’s bring challenges and that makes the success at the end of the road feel so much better and more fulfilling. If you want more fulfillment, tackle bigger challenges that involve more no’s.

Emptiness is how the mind fasts.

Emptiness gives your mind a break so that you can return to your dreams bigger and better than before. Space in almost every aspect of your life has benefits. That’s one trend I saw in Tribe of Mentors through every person that answered Tim Ferriss’s eleven questions.

You need plateaus to have giant gains.

These new habits give us the foundation which leads us to transformation, and then onto the path to achieving our vision/dream.

“When you think there’s no progress, it’s in fact, invisible progress that you can’t see”

Most of your hero’s success can’t be seen. That’s the part no one talks about or acknowledges.

Your energy is far more important than what you say.

Energy makes us feel good. We’re drawn to people that make us feel good.

Fantastic opportunities look unattractive at first.

Opportunities are presented to you for a reason and you never know which one will lead you to the thing you love or even to the people you end up appreciating the most. Open-mindedness is sexy!

Exposure to stress equals growth.

You can have critics or you can be invisible — the choice is yours.

Becoming more begins with the voice in your head.

The end is actually the beginning of something new.

Certain aspects of your life need to end so that there is room for new beginnings. The end is just the beginning of everything you’ve ever wanted.

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