Being A Vegan Is Not So Bad.

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One of my mentors recently dropped a bomb on me. He told me that he lost his entire family in a car accident when he was young. I’d known him for a while and never knew that fact about his life.

It stopped me dead in my tracks.

We were at his favorite restaurant and I told him that I would have preferred to pick where we went because I was doing two weeks of no wheat or dairy. He then told me he was Vegan. I never knew this fact about his life either.

Through our lunch conversation, I heard about his family, where they lived and a bit about his career. He then told me he had an autistic child. Another fact about his life I learned recently too.

Every conversation I have with him is positive. I come out of each chat, feeling like I just achieved my biggest goal in life and climbed Mt Everest twice in one day — veganism was partly to thank for that.

Hearing about my mentor’s veganism made me think to myself “Veganism is not so bad.”

It’s not taboo.
It’s not some hippie ritual.
It’s not that difficult to maintain.

The thing he taught me about veganism, which also applies to life, is you have to have a why.

Knowing the why.

“If you want to be vegan and gain the plethora of health benefits from it, you have to know why”

My mentors why was because he’d lost his family in a car accident, had an autistic child, loved bike riding and wanted to feel good again.

He’d never thought he would ever be vegan.

A few years back, he joked at how stupid he thought veganism was. Having an Indian background came with it, a love for carbs, thick curries and delicious treats.

This love for sugar, carbs and cholesterol changed when his autistic son sent him a Google Doc titled “Evidence to support a plant-based diet.”

Because the thought of veganism was coming from his son, he took note. Suddenly, his reason for trying out veganism changed.

He told me “Tim, I am now vegan because I want to outlive my son. I want him to have a dad that’s full of energy and healthy. I want to be there for my kids because I didn’t have that when I was growing up.”

How’s the new vegan life being?

For my mentor, life-changing.

He and his children have developed a love for cooking as a family — all vegan meals.
He’s started bike riding all around Australia in different tours.
He looks a million bucks and much younger than he is.
He’s inspiring others to try this new way of life.

The other secret I learned is that his veganism fuels his positivity. He’s positive by nature but veganism has given him energy, vitality, patience, good moods and a new outlook on life that he never thought was possible.

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I too, also thought veganism was for some picky, strange, tribe of people.

I was wrong as well. My dash with veganism over the last few weeks has made me feel amazing. I’ve seen how easy it can be and how we can be in control of our lives. I’m starting to gain new levels of energy and optimism about life. So, what can you learn?

Veganism could change your energy and health.
Don’t dismiss ideas too quickly.
Think about the why behind everything.

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