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Burned Out to Fired Up: 22 Simple Things That Can Completely Transform Your Life in 30 Days

How to get back your energy, find financial stability, and repair your mental health.

Tim Denning
23 min readOct 13, 2021


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· Introduction — How I Accidentally Transformed My Life· Chapter 1 — A Transformational Reset· Chapter 2 — Your Life System Equals Productive Energy· Chapter 3 — Money Is Financial Energy· Chapter 4 — The Work You Do Is Your Fulfilment Energy· Chapter 5 — What You Write Is Your Wisdom’s Energy

· Chapter 6 — The Way You See the World Is Your Happiness Energy

· Chapter 7 — How You Eat, Rest, and Move Is Your Wellness Energy

· Closing Thought
· Resources to Blow Your Mind

Introduction — How I Accidentally Transformed My Life

For most of my life, I’d wake up every day and already feel burnt out. I’d yawn all the time. My head would feel heavy and foggy. My eyes would close in the afternoon. The really challenging part about my low energy was that I took it out on other people. I was angry and frustrated all the time. People avoided me to escape my wrath. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t progressing in life.

Women wouldn’t date me. Money was always a problem. My circle of friends had become so small that I had to go to Meetups to try and meet people. The main cause of my low energy was undiagnosed mental illness. As I embarked on the journey to healing, I accidentally discovered so much more.

I began to write online. I attended various self-improvement seminars. I read books on thinking differently. Within a few years, I had built an audience of millions of people on platforms like LinkedIn, Medium, and Twitter. Suddenly, I relied on high energy to continue doing the work of inspiring others to take charge of, and become fired up about, their lives.

I want you to know one crucial truth: You can’t live a good life on low energy.



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