Change Your Life By Projecting Who You Want To Be.

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None of us are perfect. For many years I was a selfish, arrogant, asshole. I can say that about myself and I choose to because it’s true.

I changed my life, though. I got away from this person that I didn’t like and became somebody else. It wasn’t easy.

  • I helped raise money to build a school in Laos for kids with nothing.
  • I helped 300 homeless people on Christmas Day to have an unforgettable lunch.
  • I helped someone that had severe anxiety to rebuild.

I don’t tell you any of this to demonstrate that I’m some so-called angel from above that farts out kind acts like I’ve just eaten a can of baked beans; I tell you this because you can project who you want to be too.

Projecting a different version of yourself.

Part of the reason I like to do random acts of kindness is to show myself who I have the potential to be.

I project some of the characters I read about who have achieved much more than I have by being inspired by their actions. How do you do the same?

Copy the actions of the people you’d like to be influenced by. Instead of hoping to change, create the change.

  1. Say things you’d wish to say.
  2. Give compliments you always wished you had the guts to give.
  3. Show a side of you that you wished you had. (For me that was a kinder side).

You can’t project a new version of yourself overnight.

Clicking your fingers and becoming a different person won’t work.
Deliberate and daily action is how I’ve achieved it. I’ve become obsessed with being the example that others can follow.

I’ve written about who I’d like to be and how that person would act thus helping me become that person in the process.

It’s a matter of embracing that overused subject called ‘habits.’ This time, it’s more loosely defined. This time, it’s about projecting a better version of yourself every single day until you become that person.

Project a new you.

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