Choose Minimalism to Make Life Easier on Yourself

Making more time for what you value can have many benefits including an enhanced level of fulfillment.

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Minimalism is about more than what you own

When we think of minimalism, the first thought that pops to mind is to get rid of physical items we own. The cliche quote “What you own, owns you,” comes to mind. My experience with minimalism has gone much deeper than that, though.

  • Decisions
  • Physical items
  • Negative thoughts
  • Tasks on a to-do list
  • Events you attend
  • And other people’s priorities you say yes to

The Most Important Reason To Consider Minimalism

We all value different things in life. A minimalist approach to life helps to reduce the clutter in your head that can cause you to feel like you need to recover, delay taking action, or procrastinate due to the overwhelm you’re experiencing.

Saying no to meeting a hero

An opportunity came up this year to meet one of my biggest heroes and I said no to the opportunity. Around the same time as the opportunity was presented to me, I had started a new career and had several writing projects that all had deadlines.

Shorter writing

My writing used to be epic walls of text that would take a long time to read. I applied the minimalist approach to my writing and decided to write some shorter pieces.

Reducing physical possessions

While minimalism is about more than physical possessions, this was still one area of my life that benefited from minimalism. In October last year I moved house and it forced me to make a conscious decision about everything I owned.

10 apps

The digital area of my life was also blasted with a firehose. I deleted every app on my phone and then slowly only added back the ones I couldn’t live without. The end state was ten apps on my homescreen, which allowed me to spend less time being distracted and more time thinking about life and then distilling it into articles.

Fewer friends

The traditional advice of “your network equals your net-worth” had become lost in my life. I had collected friends and acquaintances like items placed in a storage container for ten years that have no use.

Simplifying buckets of money

Finances were another area that needed a clean up because it was making life harder, not easier trying to manage every investment strategy on the planet.

  • Index fund to invest in stocks
  • Digital currency for a small high-risk investment
  • Couple time (dinners, movies, overseas holidays)
  • Household expenses
  • Random acts of kindness

Final thought

If you want to make life easier on yourself, you don’t need to sell everything and live from a backpack. There are easier ways to embrace minimalism and make it practical for your own situation.

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