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Fuck SEO And All The Tricks You Do To Keep Me On Your Website.

There’s going to come a time when we all wake up and stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated.

We know the games you play:

Seriously, these activities are making the internet crap.

The new breed of internet user is switching away from this tricks. How? By not giving you their attention anymore. started the revolution.

We’re no longer falling for bait and switch tactics that try and sell us on every corner.

The pursuit to make revenue is doing the opposite.

By having the user be forced to take certain actions, you’re creating a sense of curiosity in the user. This user will now look around for a similar site that achieves the same goal (it’s not like there’s not heaps of choice).

Rethink the user of today.

“You can still win the game but you must get smarter. You’re currently like one of those annoying salesmen you meet at a seminar that gives you a business card before they’ve even said their name and where they’re from.”

Do you really want to be that cheap and cheesy?

Now to SEO.

Keywords often appear out of context and they take up space and look spammy.

Stock photos.

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Like this horrible stock photo.

What you’re missing peeps is inspiration.

The user of today is craving a website that inspires them and makes them feel something. That’s a feeling that will make them take action and buy what you’re potentially selling.

“Aim for inspiration rather than SEO hacks and ‘time on page’ tricks”

Let me finish with this.

Inspiring content, with no tricks, sells itself better than any cheap trick ever could.

You’re better than this. It’s not 2005 anymore. The world has moved on. You should move on too and start inspiring people again with your creativity and content. opened the door slightly; now it’s time for you to open that door wide open again.

Enough with the tricks.

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