How to Use Success on Medium to Have a Greater Impact

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The Medium Platform has been very good to me over the last few years. Success on Medium is often thought about in the wrong way. It’s more than how much you make or how many people you reach or your statistics.

The temptation when you have success in any field is to become obsessed with yourself or to look inwardly far too much.

I wanted to test this idea and so I sent this email off today.

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What if we turned good fortune into something more?

You can kill it on Medium and still feel empty. I can drop $10,000 into your bank account from writing and you won’t feel any happier than you already are (you’ll probably feel worse if anything).

When life brings you good fortune, do something more with it.

That’s why I sent this email off today. Earning money on Medium is nice and what’s even nicer is using it to create something more. When people ask me what the best part about success on Medium is, I explain to them it’s this realization:

You can be so much more when you use your success for a higher cause than serving yourself.

If Medium has been good to you, there is an opportunity to pay it forward and if nothing else, that’s what this platform has taught me.

It might be a small contribution or it might be a bigger one. The size of the money you release from your bank account is not the point. Or the magnitude of the actions you decide to take that helps others don’t matter either.

The point is to use what you have to help others prosper rather than hoarding it all for yourself.

A heartfelt plea to all Medium Writers

If Medium has been good to you like it has for me, I want to plead with you to try one of the following using any success you’ve had on the platform:

  • Donate some of your Medium Earnings
  • Surprise a reader using your Medium Earnings
  • Mentor/coach someone for free
  • Send a person to an event that could change their life

There are so many ways you can use what you do online to have an impact in the real world. To just write, and write for yourself, while basking in the awesomeness of your own image in the mirror, is leaving a lot on the table.

Success on Medium can go well and truly beyond yourself.

Final thought

My good fortune on Medium and the money it has earned me is going to go beyond some personal brand nonsense or fund to write a book.

The kids on the other end of the email I sent today have been victims of domestic violence or battled homelessness. Rather than go via a charity that takes money for themselves before serving their cause, any one of us can donate whatever we like directly to those in need. It may sound pathetic or like the act of a Mother Teresa do-gooder, but it’s not.

A few years ago, I was able to donate some presents to a few kids via the homeless shelter. On the day they got them, they had no idea who the anonymous person was that gave them their presents and it didn’t matter. I watched them get their gifts and cried a little in the process. Something so simple seemed to make a real difference.

I later found out that one of the kids that received one of those seemingly unimportant gifts would go on to catch up with their schooling, take up sport, and believe in a new way of life. He became an inspiration.

A random present from an anonymous giver did all of that for a few hundred bucks. If that doesn’t make you think, I’m not sure what will. That’s the power Medium gives us when we use our success for something more.

Every day — whether we are writers, entrepreneurs, parents, or office workers — we get the chance to realize something more. The meaning you get from writing is limited when you only focus on views, reads, earnings, followers and potential book deals.

If you have had success on Medium, or even if you haven’t, make some small difference to those around you.

Success is useless if you don’t go beyond yourself.

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