I Got Scammed for the 3rd Time in 300 Days Buying a Wordpress Website

Wordpress websites are a disaster waiting to happen. Learn from my expensive mistakes.

Tim Denning
7 min readNov 5, 2021

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A grown man shouldn’t cry over a website.

I am close. They say the third time is lucky. Not for me. I did everything I could to buy a brand new website the proper way this time around.

I did my due diligence. I looked at other websites they prospective companies had built. I set a strong timeline. I got lots of quotes. I wrote exact instructions a monkey could follow. Still, I got scammed again and threw thousands of dollars down the drain.

The supplier built me a website in a few hours that looked nothing like the brief. In fact, it was worse than my original website. That’s right, they can’t even copy my existing website.

Screenshot of my finished website. Problems: 1) an eBook in mid-air 2) a black background instead of white 3) head chopped off 4) doesn’t occupy the full screen 5) asked for it to be scrollable and it isn’t 6) the wrong eBook is on display 6) you can’t read the copy on top of the image.

I want to share what I learned with you so my thousands of wasted dollars can be recouped in savings for anybody similar to me, who thinks you can just buy a Wordpress website and be happy.

The perfect web developer is unlikely to exist

One human is unlikely to be able to successfully build a website. Let’s think about the skills required.

  • They need to be technical to adjust code.
  • Design elements require an illustrator.
  • They need to understand user experience.
  • They ideally need to understand marketing and conversions.
  • They need to have an eye for good design.
  • They need to understand basic SEO, so they can ensure the new website doesn’t stuff up the google rankings of your old website.

See what I mean? The chance you’ll find someone with all of these skills is rare. Now you know why agencies that employ each of these people individually cost a fortune.

All the website developers I’ve worked with so far have understood the technical side fine. But they have no clue what good design is or how to get…

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