“Influencers” Are Not Smarter Than You And I.

Influencers have the same opportunity as you and I.

Influencers have the same big fear as you and me.

Influencers at least believe they are somebody.

“Influencer” is a silly word that lacks meaning.

“Labels separate us. Labels try and force square pegs into round holes”

Influencers who think they’re smarter than us are the problem.

“Building followers online is easy for anybody who wants to invest the time. The building influence game has in many ways replaced the computer games we played in our youth, on consoles plugged into our TV, or on ancient desktops that no longer see the light of day with their ugly grey color.”

Influencer vanity metrics mean nothing.

Lesson: Instead of wanting to be better than everyone else, start with helping people.

“The true icons of our time try and find ways to help people. Helping people is their focus, not building up fake fans, to put out fake content, so you can put on a fake smile and walk to the bank skipping”

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