Medium Writers That Are Crushing It Are Doing One Thing Differently

It’s not so obvious and is revealed when you look at their Medium Profile Pages (I did the analysis for you to save time).

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If you’re not winning on Medium

Maybe Medium is not working for you. If I had to put my inspector gadget hat on for a second, I’m almost certain it comes down to one thing: you’re not consistent enough.

You are good enough

No Medium writer is born with magic writing abilities.

  • Edit on days you’re not writing
  • Aim to be helpful above everything else
  • Try to stay clear of the stats page
  • Talk to other writers
  • Clap other writers work very loudly (50 claps is awesome)

Analyze the work effort

Still not convinced? Each of these writers above has done many interviews you can google.

The best feeling is knowing you did your best

That’s what this article is really about. Consistency is awesome and what tops that is knowing that you did your best.

In summary, this is what the best writers on Medium do

  • Give Medium everything they got
  • Publish on Medium regularly
  • Show up on Medium on the bad days, not just the good
  • Publish new stories when everybody else is on holidays

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