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So I Gave In And Bought An iMac: It’s Okay To Be Good To Yourself.

I write a lot about minimalism…

And tell you not to waste your money…

And encourage you to save money…

And insist you avoid temptation…

That’s all great and I believe in those things. Then recently, I went out and bought a brand new, top of the line iMac.

Does it mean I gave into temptation?

On the surface, it may look like I did. In reality, I’d wanted an iMac since 2005. I love the design of the hardware and the beautiful operating system. The retina display makes my blog photos shine and I could look at them all day.

Be good to yourself.

It’s okay once in a while to buy something you want. You can’t be a minimalist 24/7. No one’s perfect and we get to live this life once. So why not spoil yourself every now and then?

“I’d rather you be good to yourself than become Uncle Scrooge and rob yourself of having a little pleasure once in a while”

I’m not saying you should be reckless and buy a new Apple product every week; what I’m saying is relax a little bit. Don’t let the success bloggers trick you out of being good to yourself and enjoying life.

If all you do is save and focus on your goals, then one day you might suddenly die having never had the chance to have a little fun and live a bit.

Celebrate the wins.

My recent iMac purchase was a victory lap for all I have achieved in the last 12 months. I’ve worked bloody hard and crushed a few fears I thought would always burden me. The new iMac doesn’t just let me celebrate, it also lets me do more of what I love.

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My new iMac enables the very goals I have such as blogging. The iMac gives me some inspiration to dream a little bit and tell me that hard work pays off. My new iMac has become a symbol for all that is going well in my life.

The iMac is my victory lap. It’s not about status, or money, or more computing power; my new iMac is just about me and enjoying life. If you don’t enjoy life, then what’s the point? Some days it’s okay to break the rules and take a break from your success habits.

Minimalism is great, just not 100% of the time.

Cutting out wastage and saving your resources in the pursuit of a simpler life is phenomenal. Try living like that 100% of the time. You’ll go bat crazy and freaking lose your mind. The iMac is my way of having a quick break from minimalism.

Being minimalistic 24/7 will drive you to madness because you’ll never get to use any of the empty space you’ve created.

Minimalism gives you lots of empty space and sometimes a dot here and a dot there, on a white piece of paper. The dots are where all the beauty lies in between the white space. The iMac I bought is a dot of color on a mostly simple white page.

Take a chill pill.

Don’t be so serious all the time. Your millionaire habits and the pursuit of growth all the time will destroy you if you don’t balance it out with a meaningful purchase once in a while.

Take a chill pill.
Be good to yourself.
Life is good so enjoy it once in a while.

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