The Evolution of the Word ‘Fuck’

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The word fuck has come a long way and I for one am happy. Growing up as a kid, saying the word fuck was unacceptable. If you said it at school, you were suspended. Then when you were old enough to work, if you said the word, you’d probably get fired.

The word fuck can mean to have sex, to damage something, impatience, annoyance, or contempt.

It used to be a word for the uneducated. If you said fuck in front of a large company, then you were a moron. If you do it now, well, you’re “relatable” as a client of mine recently described to me.

A subtle shift occurred

There are many catalysts for the change in the word fuck. One example I remember clearly was the well-spoken Tony Robbins, who early in his career would wear nice suits and use strange cliches instead of using the word fuck.

The word fuck was on the tip of Tony’s tongue for years, but he never used it. Then, about five years ago he unleashed the life-giving word known as fuck.

He started in his seminars and then before long he was interviewing people and dropping F-bombs as though it was no biggie. (Listen to his Kevin Hart podcast interview if you want to know how much he has embraced the word fuck of late. Tony loves the word fuck because he’s an energetic, passionate son of a gun.)

There was also a book that unleashed the beast. It was a New York Times Best Selling Book that broke all the records called “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck.” This book title is the best demonstration of the word fuck.

Without the word fuck, well, the book just ain’t the same.

Buying the book with the F-word in the title was an acceptance of this paradigm shift and people Instagrammed the shit out of it because it helped them embrace their love of the word fuck and everything it could stand for — and everything they could be in their life.

These two examples are just a few that highlight the shift in the meaning of the word fuck.

The new meaning of fuck

Fuck means passion.
Fuck is a word to accentuate a point.
Fuck is excitement.
Fuck is part of living life.
Fuck is a rejection of the old ways.
The use of fuck is something to be proud of.

The word has changed and that is why we are all dropping F-bombs even though we were taught in school not to. Saying fuck is not a bad thing anymore and there are far worse ramifications if you don’t use it.

Not using the word fuck

Well if you don’t use it then you may be viewed as:

  • Scared
  • Not passionate
  • Potentially not human
  • Afraid of the unknown

Not using the word fuck is a bigger sin in 2019 than using it.

No other word holds the same power

Name one word that holds more power than ‘Fuck.’

There isn’t one. It’s that one word that when you can’t describe something, you say “Fuck it” or “It’s fucking hard to explain amigo.”

There is immense power in the word fuck. It’s a noun, a verb, an adjective and an exclamation all in one. There is no place that the word fuck is not useable.

Put the word fuck in front of any sentence and you get a different level of passion, or enthusiasm, or energy.

It can even be used to show intelligence

There is an art to tastefully using the word fuck. It’s easy to say “Fuck off” or “That fucking sucks” but to use the word creatively is to sound intelligent.

There is skill in tastefully using the word fuck and that shows brains like these greats of history.

“Any fucking idiot could understand that.” — Albert Einstein

“I don’t suppose its gonna fucking rain?” — Joan of Arc

“Scattered fucking showers my ass.” — Noah

(Credit for these intelligent lines: Monty Python)

My personal favorite use is “I don’t give a fuck,” and “I have no more fucks to give today.” The first one shows independence, courage and confidence. The second shows immense focus, discipline and productiveness.

Don’t be afraid. Use it.

Now comes the action part. No longer should we live in shame or reframe from using the magical word that is fuck. Not only should we embrace it, but we should celebrate how far we have come.

We’ve gone from being afraid of saying fuck, to using the word fuck the way we would use punctuation.

Show us how you really feel and use the word fuck. Everyone is doing it and it’s completely okay.

To use the word fuck is to live life. Fuck it feels good to be alive.

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