The Life Of An Average Person.

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If you ever want to be average, then you don’t have to try very hard.

If you don’t consciously choose what you want, you’ll fall for the default option of ‘average.’

It sounds okay. It sounds bearable. There’s something fundamentally missing though.

The life of an average person looks like this:

  1. Be born into a normal family that buys a new home and a new car because you were born
  2. Enter kindergarten with a diet problem and blame it on bad genes
  3. Be taken to school interviews by your parents and be told that the school you get into will define your future
  4. Go through school thinking that all that matters is grades
  5. High school sweetheart dumps you because you’ve grown apart
  6. Now in college. Booze, sex and more booze
  7. Choose a random career based on what the salary is
  8. Work in that job for a few years and then say “The Company Sucks”
  9. Repeat “The Company Sucks” after quitting three more jobs
  10. Decide that the Internet must be right and become an entrepreneur
  11. Build a startup with your savings or money from your parents
  12. Watch the startup crumble and then blame it on “the market” or your co-founder you met at college
  13. Go back to the workforce with a chip on your shoulder and think that “If only I had money, all my problems would be easier to solve”
  14. Treat colleagues at work like crap because your life sucks since both your career and the startup you created failed
  15. Find a partner at either work or in your friendship group and start dating
  16. Think that how the relationship is in the first year is how it will be for the rest of your lives
  17. Get married because everyone else is doing it
  18. Buy a house you can’t afford and get into debt
  19. Use the equity in your mortgage to buy an investment property because that’s what all the smart, rich people at work and who’ve written books say to do
  20. Go on endless holidays overseas and put the photos up on the Internet, so people think you don’t work and you’re adventurous
  21. Come home one day and decide you better have kids before you get too old
  22. Have babies
  23. Forget about your passions and ignore basic health principles like don’t eat sugar
  24. Get fat and unhealthy and blame it on the kids
  25. Go to the gym for 6 months and then give up. Blame it on the kids again
  26. Go to work each day at that job you hate because your dream of following your passion didn’t work out earlier in life and be pissed off because of it
  27. Channel that rage towards your clients, colleagues, family or all three if you’re feeling generous
  28. Go on social media and leave nasty comments because your life is not how you want it
  29. Complain about the price of everything
  30. Continue to buy useless crap like luxury cars and the latest iPhone because that’s what everyone else is doing
  31. Never spend one of your days off helping to volunteer for a good cause
  32. Don’t read books. Watch endless video content on your phone
  33. Hope that your decision to buy property will make you rich one day
  34. Overthink every decision and never work out what you want
  35. Hair starts to go grey and thins out
  36. Get to retirement age and realize you don’t have much money
  37. Watch your kids resent you because you never spent quality time with them and instead chased job titles and money
  38. Get sick sooner than you thought
  39. Enter the retirement village and realize you have so many regrets
  40. Continue to get sicker and take prescription medicine
  41. Death brings freedom

Average people spend so much of their life avoiding failure, blaming others and not doing anything other than serving their own selfish interests.

It’s not that hard to be better than average so you won’t die with a thousand regrets of things you wish you could have done but didn’t.

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