The Story Always Makes It Sound Harder Than It is.

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We’re bombarded with stories of success every day.

The stories often glorify the individual and make success sound likes it’s incredibly complicated. You watch these success stories and feel it will never be you. Well, I’m here to tell you that it can be you.

The success stories you are seeing are not telling you the whole truth.

It’s not that hard.

Let me give you an example. I made it to the state championships of Toastmasters (public speaking) after having suffered a fear of speaking in front of a crowd for many years.

Many people reached out to me and seriously thought I was god. They thought I did one of the following:

  • Worked at it for years
  • Practiced five hours a day
  • Wrote the speech fifty times over

The reality was this: I prepared the speech a week before and practiced it three times for a total of thirty minutes each time.

Achieving big goals often doesn’t have the sheer number of steps, determination or courage as the internet may tell you.

That’s not to say that success is a piece of cake and if you just wake up tomorrow you’ll get your list of goals completed and be done by 1 pm ready for a beer. It’s still challenging. It’s just not as challenging as you may think.

A lot of it is showing up.

“80 percent of success is just showing up” — Woody Allen

We’ve all heard this famous quote at least once in our lives and it’s true. A lot of my success in public speaking was just saying yes and showing up. Often, I had no plan, no advantage or no idea what I was doing.

So much can be learned by just doing and figuring out the detail later.

Even if you show up and make a ton of mistakes, it’s better than sitting in your warm bed and thinking about what could have been while drowning in a ton of regret and feeling sorry for yourself.

The people you need to follow are the ones that just do it and cut out all the hype and overthinking that success is made out to be.

Sometimes the agenda is to make it sound hard.

That’s the sad reality. Selling you the dream that success in a particular field is hard is how a person or company can monetize you.

If everything was black and white and people could see how simple most things are, they wouldn’t buy a $9.95 online course, or a $2.99 Ebook, or attend a $99 seminar.

“I’m not asking you to disqualify learning, but I’m encouraging you to get better and seeing the real intention behind why people do what they do”

Believe me when I say that my only hack is to understand that the story of success is heaps easier than it looks like from the outside.

Now that you know that quit holding back on that big goal you’ve always wanted. Your goals are achievable.

You can literally do nothing else but practice and gain experience and you’ll probably figure out 90% of what you need to know.

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