The Truth About What Comes After Failure.

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We’ve all failed. If you haven’t, you’re lying. So what comes after failure?

That’s a difficult question to answer because the spotlight is never on what people do after they fail.

We hear all about how people succeed, but it’s a rare and beautiful moment when we hear about how people failed and what came next.

Not too many people want to talk about failure. Talking about failure is like admitting you watch porn. It’s taboo and weird.

Here’s what comes after failure:

1. Blaming someone or something else.

Failure is almost always someone else’s fault and so the blame game begins.

We can blame someone else because it feels bloody amazing and takes the pressure off ourselves.

It could be your girlfriend’s fault.
It could be your company’s fault.
It could be your team’s fault.

The truth is its’ no one’s fault but your own. Someone or something else didn’t steal away your dreams like the Grinch who stole Christmas.

You screwed your own opportunity up and blaming outside factors will not help you move forward.

That brings me to my next point…

2. Take responsibility.

When you get to a place in your life where everything is in your control and no one else can change that, a beautiful transformation happens. No longer can other people or outside forces take away your glory or happiness.

Own your failure.

Accept your failure.

The failures all yours buddy.

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3. Accepting that this is round one.

So you got knocked out in the first round and failed. You’ve got more rounds to go. Life is not over. Looking at failure as part of the overall game is how you get back on your feet and throw some more punches.

Failure will happen again.
Failure is supposed to happen to you.
Failure is inevitable.

It’s these affirmations that will help you come to terms with your failures and use them as motivation.

4. The belief that you can start again.

Starting from scratch after failure is awesome.

It’s from the starting line that you can implement what you learned from what didn’t work. Those lessons end up being your advantage when you start again.

“The guy/girl next to you doesn’t have those same lessons and so they have a metaphorical Boobie Trap waiting to blow up in their face and rain all over their sunny day”

Belief is what you need to process failure.

Belief in yourself and why you’re doing this is what you need.

Belief is like oxygen to a human being. You can’t live without it.

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5. Learning from the failure.

So damn cliche and incredibly simple — the best advice always is.

6. Going all in again and putting the work in.

Out of everything I’ve said, putting in the work is the best thing that comes after failure and it’s often the last.

When all the other thoughts and feelings have passed, all that’s left is to implement Plan B, unlock your passion and work, work, work.

It’s not what you want to hear, but it’s what you MUST hear.

It’s the sleepless nights, bottomless coffee cups, hours spent studying and the commitment to do it all again that’s what will come after failure and see you rise up.

Failure is really just success that hasn’t hatched yet.

If failure were steps 1–10 in the blueprint for success then we’d have a party in the Hollywood Hills and invite Jay Z to rap every time we failed.

That’s what failure is. Failure is success that’s not quite ripe yet.

I failed at entrepreneurship many times.
I failed at career change.
I failed at loving another person.

The only thing that kept me going was the realization that this is normal. It’s happening to everyone — even your heroes.

What really comes after failure is transformation and a whole bunch of good stuff.

Let failure be part of the process. It’s the beginning, not the end.

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