These Three Rare Questions Will Completely Change Your Thinking

It’s highly unlikely you have ever pondered these questions.

Tim Denning
4 min readDec 20, 2019


Over the weekend, I had a text message exchange with a close friend. We were reminiscing about working together. He said, “yeah those were good times, weren’t they?”

In a moment of poetic inspiration, I replied: “It’s not over — the threads will retie at some point.”

This text message triggered both of us to go back and forth and ask ourselves three rare questions that I’m willing to bet you may not have contemplated before — or at least not thought about in too much detail.

Question #1: Is time a circle and will we meet again?

My friend told me this question is part of ancient philosophy. When I told him that the threads would retie again at some point, he was reminded of this question. It’s such a rare question and I think about it daily.

Every person you meet will probably show up again at some point.

A guy that used to threaten me in school and act violently towards me walked past me the other day for a split second.

A woman I yelled at in the car park when I got my drivers license more than a decade ago showed up again…



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