What It’s like to Have Your Worst Month on Medium Ever

You can do everything right and still fall short.

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The writing just probably wasn’t any good

This is a hard pill to swallow and it’s the reason one’s Medium stats can fall off a cliff. If you’re having a bad month, it’s not the platform, the readers, your fellow writers, your headline or the picture you chose: it’s that the writing just wasn’t any good.

‘Stat hacking’ your dreams to death

On a bad month, whether you are Tim Ferriss with a green smoothie in your hand and have had your cold shower this morning followed by an ice bath, you will check your stats and you will try and hack them.

The only thing you can control is the quality of writing and the frequency that you hit publish.

Everything else, mostly, is dead-ends inside a maze that has no exit. Give your stats a rest.

Your self-worth is not tied to your stats

If your stats are popping and you’re doing well, that should have no bearing on your self-worth.

You can do everything right and still fall short

Here’s what this catastrophe of a month on Medium has taught me:

  • You can have people clap and still have shitty stats
  • You can have nice comments and still do poorly
  • You can play with your headlines like a form of masturbation and still not do well on Medium

All you can do is keep showing up

That is the solution to a bad month on Medium.

  • Take a break from looking at stats
  • Reflect on what you can learn from your bad month
  • Own the bad month
  • Reframe from blaming
  • Praise your friends at Medium for giving you a beautiful, blank white space to write on in the first place

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