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What You Can Learn From Tim Ferriss’s #1 Podcast.

One of the best ways to learn is through podcasts but with so much choice how do you find what’s shows are the best to listen too? I have battled with this question for a long time and the day that battle ended was when I discovered The Tim Ferriss Podcast.

Below are the eight reasons why you’ll learn a lot from Tim Ferriss’s Podcast:

1. No one can find more interesting interviewee’s

Many podcasts interview fairly predictable people or people that you have just never heard of and probably don’t want to discover. Tim blows my mind with just how broad and varied his interviewees are. They range from world-class chefs, entrepreneurs, coaches, marines, chess champions, sports people, and health experts.

“The Tim Ferriss Show helps me to believe that anything is impossible, and that anyone can achieve something if they put their mind to it”

2. The strategies you will learn are mind blowing

The advantage of a podcast that features so many varied interviewees’ is that the strategies you learn are very unpredictable. What I love is that I have learned tools and tricks from areas like chess and the military that I am not even interested in.

3. The depth of each interview is incredible

You can tell that each week Tim spends a lot of time preparing for his interviews and trying to extract the hidden gems out of his guests that the audience may never have heard before. For instance, in one episode he interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger, who I have heard being interviewed many times.

4. Time doesn’t matter

A lot of podcast interviews can make the listener feel uneasy because you get the feeling that the interview is timed. With Tim Ferriss’s interviews, you don’t get that feeling. He will go for thirty minutes or three hours if he has to — time is not a consideration.

5. It’s random as hell

You never know with a Tim Ferriss podcast what is going to happen. The intro could be a blooper or the sound of Tim’s mouth making some awkward noise. The location could be in a sauna or at the airport. Everything is open-ended, and there are no rules.

6. Advertising is strangely valuable

All of us hate advertising and when we know someone is being paid to say something. The only exception I have ever seen to this rule is Tim’s podcast advertising. It’s the one bit of advertising I listen to consistently.

7. You will be captivated and entertained

It’s unusual to find that when you are being highly educated by a piece of content, that you could actually be thoroughly entertained at the same time. A classic example was an episode by Tim featuring the host of the TV show “Dirty Jobs.”

8. Tim’s incredibly well spoken

There is something to be said for someone who is well spoken without having a silver spoon jammed down their mouth and an ugly sense of arrogance. Tim is neither of those two things, but he is however very well spoken.

***Final Thought***

I have said Tim’s name a lot in this article which sometimes feels like I am talking to myself…weird. Maybe it’s because I would like to be a successful blogger and author like Tim? Yes that’s partly it, and I am happy to admit that, but the real reason is that I am learning some mind-blowing strategies from his podcast.

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