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There’s one thing that brings me to tears every time: witnessing someone achieve their dreams right in front of me. We all aspire to do something creative with our life. We all struggle and life is hard. Our dreams are important to us and sometimes we forget that.

Ever since I was young, I wanted to inspire people. In high school, I played drums hoping to bring people to tears with my performances and inspire them in the process.

At the end of high school, I wanted to write amazing essays for my English teacher who supported me when everyone else told me I was an idiot for taking a year off school to contemplate my future.

As a twenty-year-old, I wanted to inspire people with my DJ skills. I played in clubs until the early hours of the morning hoping to inspire people with my music selection and take away some of their worries in the process.

And now, us a thirty-two-year-old, my dream is to inspire people with my writing.

Your dreams do matter except it may not matter to anybody else just yet. That’s perfectly fine. The way to fill that void is to become obsessed with watching other people’s dreams come true. It’s why I have a daily habit of leaving comments on social media posts that demonstrate someone’s dream coming true. I want them to know I care.

All of our dreams do matter and instead of being jealous when you see someone else’s coming true, be happy for them — see your own dream in their dream. See other people’s dream as fuel for your own.

Find the courage to keep going by watching someone demonstrate courage. Find the inspiration to push through adversity by watching other people battle and ultimately conquer theirs.

If we could all become obsessed with other people’s dreams, the world would be different. A world in which we admire dream chasers and be inspired by them is one in which there would be less hatred, less conflict and more people focused on achieving their dream instead of tearing apart other people’s dreams.

Be inspired by the dreams of strangers.

Learn to be happy when other people win.

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