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Excuses are the downfall of humanity.

An excuse a day will lead you to mediocrity faster than a famous Japanese Bullet Train can turn you into tomato sauce if you get too close.

I was a man of many excuses.

This is career suicide. It’s time for me to speak up though.

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Everybody has warned me not to talk about where 20% of my money goes.

I work in traditional finance. What I’m about to tell you could ruin my career. I’m at a point in life where I’m not taking anything to the grave with me. So here goes.

20% of my money goes into Bitcoin and Ethereum, and it has for a very long time. …

The never-ending blog post helps you test content via Twitter threads

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Twitter is fun. You can say whatever you want.

I’m about 14 years too late to the party. Better late than never. But Twitter isn’t what it used to be. What’s changed?

Twitter is now for long-form bloggers.

Writing blog posts on Twitter is unconventional. It will also change your content creation strategy, which is cool.

Twitter used to be a way to share no more than 280 characters. If you wanted to say something longer, you couldn’t — a nightmare for traditional bloggers.

Sharing links to your blog posts on Twitter doesn’t work well because it’s bad for Twitter. When you post a link that takes people off Twitter, well, Twitter loses that person’s attention. That’s bad for their business. …

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You spend more time on social media than you realize.

I should know. I’ve fallen in love with three women at the same time: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. The excuse I use with myself is that I’m serving an audience. Sometimes that’s true.

I spend a lot of time on social media, because at times, I’m afraid to be bored.

The thought of not having another input — blog post, documentary, podcast, book — is terrifying. …

You’re not unmotivated, repetitive, a has-been, or a boring writer

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The biggest challenge as a writer is to keep writing.

I should know. I’ve been writing for six years straight. I publish an average of 10 full-length blog posts a week, plus around 14 social media posts a week. Am I special? No. Gifted? No. Hardworking? Sometimes. This topic is close to my heart. Many of my close writer friends are burning out. They’re giving up, writing less, or blaming the platform they choose to write on.

Writing is hard. It’s not easy to be a writer despite what the laptop lifestyle bloggers tell you. …

It will show you what’s possible.

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This has never happened to me before.

I wrote a story, and as I typed it, I found myself crying through the process. It was one of those powerful events one will never ever forget. It’s not a sad outcome either.

Crying as you write is the next level of writing.

Here’s the Story That Did It

In a few weeks’ time I head back to hospital for cancer motivation.

In 2015 I was surprised with a cancer scare.

Ever since then I have to go back to the hospital every year, take an anesthetic, and hope I wake up and my life continues.

It’s the best career motivation one can have. …

Here’s my exact plan you can copy, borrow, or steal

A laptop that’s part-way open with a colorful screensaver.
A laptop that’s part-way open with a colorful screensaver.
Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

Not for fame. Not for attention. Not for money. To be helpful.

You may want to be a content creator too, so here’s my plan you can copy.

1. Publish a Lot More Free Content

When I was an amateur I wanted to be paid for everything. Now I realize that 80% or more of your content should be free. You only need to charge a small number of people, a small amount of money, to earn a living.

2. Go All-In on the Email List

I used to think email lists were stupid. Boy, how I was wrong.

An email list has helped me build a business rather than just be a writer. That business has given me the chance to buy back my time so I can live out my version of freedom. …

9 rules to live by so you outperform in life.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Rules provide constraints in your life. Constraints help you focus. Focus provides clarity. Clarity helps you take badass actions.

So, I have created these rules in my life. They will inspire you to create a few for yourself.

Be Quiet Most of the Time

There is a lot of noisy attention-seeking. Gain massive attention and then have it taken away. This has happened to me. It taught me that fame and attention is a nightmare.

Be quiet more than you talk. When you do talk, make it worth it. Talk for a small few. Take to 1000 small fans.

Don’t be a Donald (Duck)…. quack, quack, quack, quack. …

Your lifestyle goal is the cheese to exit the rat race.

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Photo by Amine Rock Hoovr on Unsplash

“Instead of working toward retirement, work toward your ideal lifestyle. There is usually a path to get there in a few years instead of a few decades.” — James Clear

Lifestyle design changes how you approach work.

Being motivated to go to a 9–5 job full of pointless processes, controlled by people who act like they are still playing in the playpen, is hard. Many of us have lived this nightmare, including me.

The rat race equals living a lifestyle you didn’t design.

If you feel like you’re not motivated to do your work each day it probably has something to do with your lifestyle. …

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