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This Week’s Most Viewed Story (21st June 2021)

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  3. Be Aware of the Quiet Ones like Keanu Reeves — They Are the Ones That Actually Make You Think
  4. 13 Ways I Completely Changed My Life in a Year and So Can You

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Aussie Blogger with 100M+ views —…

The Buddha’s empty calendar explains an alternate reality.

Looking back at corporate life, it becomes apparent: I don’t miss meetings.

One recruiter I encountered left me with a moment I will never forget. They reached out to me on LinkedIn. They wanted to catch up for coffee to talk about how I could help them with their business. They knew many of my closest friends, so I decided to say yes.

What followed is bizarre.

They introduced their personal assistant (the ultimate sign of privilege). We went back and forth trying to find a time. It became exhausting.

“He can’t do all of next week. Actually he’s booked…

Here’s what getting rejected by them taught me. It may surprise you.

There’s this trend on social media I’ve noticed.

Odd people bragging about how they got a job working for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, <insert brand name tech company>. The customary photo at their new desk, with big-tech-labeled mugs and bags, as well as the cliche t-shirt they wear to the gym. Google’s suite of logos explains this weird big tech phenomenon beautifully.

What these big tech lovers see is this.

Startups | Entrepreneurship

Strip away the easy logo. Then the real persuasion game begins.

They were clever and legendary at their day job.

They put in the effort. They got to know the industry. Their KPIs were the best in the company. “High-performer” was synonymous with their name. They were an employee for all of their career.

Then they left to start their own business.

We all know an employee like this. What happens next? The business they quit their job to start fails. They’re back within a year looking for another job. Understanding why this happens is crucial if you’re thinking of starting your own business or taking your side hustle full-time.

They think someone is coming to save them


Lambo, no. One year of time equals yes please. Here’s why.

A lot of people want fancy.

They want a luxury house, designer clothes, or a Lambo. Recent research from the University of British Columbia agrees. I used to be that person. It left me lost, alone, single and suffering from depression. Over the last five years I’ve slowly moved further away from this idea of a luxury life.

Yesterday I bought a high-end office chair to help with my back pain. Beyond that, I really couldn’t give a damn about luxury unless it fixes a huge health problem. My 2012 Macbook is “enough.”

Instead of buying a luxury Lambo, imagine…

How to add happy hormones for next-level performance

“We’re Serotonin Dealers.”

At a startup pitch event a few years ago, a young woman got up and said these words. Her idea sounded cryptic. What the heck is a serotonin dealer? I thought. The promise was odd. “Our food will make you happier.” I thought she was totally nuts and part of the woke crowd. Wrong.

Her cafes are now called Happiness Centers here in Australia. Her food does make a person happier if you eat enough of it.

I became intrigued by the idea of “Happy Hormones.” What if you can hack your hormones to improve your mood…

The harsh truths he shares are uncomfortable. Similar to the Hollywood movie made about his genius.

My Twitter feed hasn’t felt the same since he was banished.

His tweets about money caused so much discussion online that according to Business Insider, “The SEC regulators paid him a visit.” Since the visit, he was muzzled from tweeting. All the tweets on his timeline disappeared. He vanished into thin air. Another Twitter account made by a fan began tweeting the back catalog of his tweets. I felt nostalgic.

Who’s the mysterious man? Many people don’t know his name. You may have seen the famous movie about how he bet against Wall Street in the 2008 Recession and proved…

It’s easy to live life on 2X podcast speed and forget where you’re going.

If you have plenty of time, you are a millionaire.

At primary school there was a lady we all called “Miss Swipe.” She sold various Swipe-branded chemicals to companies and individuals as a distributor. The transactions all occurred out of her home.

What’s bizarre about her is she was always available to pick her son up if he felt sick or to attend a school function. Sometimes she would drive us home from school, or we’d hang out with her son at their place. As a single mother she seemed to have all the time in the world.

She didn’t…

4 ways to boost your creative genius — but not how you think

It’s time for a wild ride.

She walks out onto the stage in front of a crowded theatre audience. She looks healthy and normal. When asked to describe the song she’s about to sing, these words leave her mouth effortlessly: “It’s the story of my last year of life.”

The song is called It’s Okay. She hasn’t sung recently.

She then explains “I have not been working for quite a few years. I’ve been dealing with cancer. Last time I checked I had some cancer in my lungs and my spine and my liver.”

An audience member asks, “So you’re…

The dark side of habits nobody is talking about.

Time over the last twelve months feels as if it’s sped up.

Maybe I’m going crazy.

Then I read a science-backed story written by Professor Michael Easter that spoke of how to slow down time without using hocus pocus. Michael spent his time interviewing Harvard Researchers, Buddhist Lamas, Icelandic geneticists and Jocko Willink-style Special Forces Soldiers for a book on what he calls “The Comfort Crisis.

This line from Michael explains why time appears to speed up.

“Once we’ve done something over and over, our mind learns to zone out”

Repetition is the mother of skill as they say. But repetition can force your perception of time to speed up. …

Tim Denning

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