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This is why things might feel off in your life.

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You’re not in jail. Congrats, you’ve got freedom.

Or you’re born in the western world. Congrats, you’ve also got freedom.

These are the two common ways we think about freedom. Substack writer Stefan Georgi taught me there’s a helluva lot more to freedom than these cliche meanings.

When I read…

And can change your financial future.

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Investing is an art.

The best investors are learners, not money gurus. The information that provides an investing advantage is mostly about psychology.

When you lose a boatload of money, what are you going to do? That’s a question I’ve spent my entire life thinking about.

Your memory is a terrible liar

Every 5–7 years people…

Inflation is the one money principle you need for survival.

Image Credit–Paramount/IMDB (Thief: Wolf of Wall Street)

Inflation is the one money principle you need for survival.

The topic is hotly debated right now as the US hits 6.2% inflation. If you use the pre-2020 inflation formula then you’ll get a number over 10%.

Inflation matters because it causes prices to rise. The illusion that’s happening is…

But it’s not. Real career success is surprisingly simple

Image supplied author (In 2016, I thought working at a tech company was cool. Here’s me being a try-hard fan boy)

There’s a trend on LinkedIn that reveals a lot about career success…

Photos of people who got jobs at famous tech companies. I won’t post any examples because I don’t want to shame anybody. Look at your newsfeed and you’ll be flooded with them.

“OMG I’m so humbled to get…

Please make it stop.

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The phrase “The Great Resignation” is a plague.

It’s infected all media platforms. Everyone’s dropping the new buzz phrase like we did back in 2019 with the word #Innovation. Good god. Make it stop.

Since when is wanting to quit our jobs new? It’s not. Still, I quit my job.

The 1990s version

Tim Denning

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