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“All these games have downsides. Realize when you’ve won the game.”

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Look at each aspect of your life as a game. It changes how you view everything you do in life, according to Twitter personality Naval.

In my case, treating life like a game involves going back to being a teenage gamer and playing Warcraft at “Lan Parties.’

Naval loves to riff on life being a game. It certainly is when you view your life like this.

Birth game

This game is one you play in free mode. It’s decided for you. If you’re born, you’ve already won the game, although most people don’t see it that way.

School game

You go to school. You make friends. You get good grades to make your parents proud. You play the school game that was invented for factory workers who needed to memorize knowledge and didn’t have the power of the internet. …

A quiet human who will remind you that you can do the impossible.

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Image Credit: Kevin Swan via Twitter

I haven’t actually eaten anything in at least three years! I haven’t actually spoken a single word in just as long. But despite all of that and more, I have a wonderful fucking life — Kevin Swan

I am a man full of excuses. I have an excuse for every problem. I am lazy.

It has been a tough year for everyone. I have covid fatigue, and a recent fear of elections (not sure if there’s a medical term). *Schedules the pity party*

Then a friend introduces me to Kevin Swan’s work. He knows I’m sick of Elon Musk bios and Jeff Bezos worshipping. He knows I’m looking for unconventional heroes hiding in dark corners of the internet, who don’t think they’re special and don’t want attention. …

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