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#3 — They rarely talk about their boss (the VCs).

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There’s no reason to hero-worship every aspect of a billionaire programmer.

Co-founder of Instagram and programmer, Kevin Systrom, taught me to get out of a project when I’ve made enough money. You don’t have to stay around in a startup until the cobwebs grow faster than your user base.

When I got to work with Stripe earlier in my career I met the Co-Founder and billionaire programmer, John Collison, who taught me you could be really successful and not be an ass. …

The lie of the digital nomad quit-your-job-life.

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You think you want freedom. But freedom can be a bad thing.

Quitting your job, or being a digital nomad, or living the laptop lifestyle won’t solve all of your problems.

How do I know? Last year I got fired and spent most of the year being an online blogger and doing nothing else. My friend said to me “Mate you must be loving life, eh?”

Not really. Spending the day on the computer and writing was nice for a few weeks. …

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